WineStyles Friday and Saturday Wine Tasting in DC

One of the best ways to learn about new wines is to head to your local wine shop for a , and when your ready to do wine tasting DC style, one of the better wine shop wine tastings happens every Friday and Saturday evening at the WineStyles store at 4394 Kevin Walker Drive in Dumfries, Virginia. Each week 5 or 6 different wines are available for tasting for a mere $5 per person. If you’re a member of their monthly wine club it’s included as part of the deal. Plus, after you’ve been tasting wine for a while, you can go next door to the attached restaurant and enjoy one of the wines that you’ve found with a delicious meal. They have some of the best pork chops around and you can buy the wine at the shop first then drink it with you meal for a meager $5 corking fee. That’s a lot cheaper than buying wine in most restaurants that mark it up 3 times.

WineStyles is a good place to look for wines because they tend to stay away from the wines you can commonly find in the big grocery stores. Instead, they search out good, but less well known wines priced from $10 a bottle and up.


What’s the point of wine tasting?

Wine Tasting DC at WineStyles in Dumfries VA


You either fall into a rut of buying certain wines over and over or, if you are a bit more daring, you listen to the advice of a local wine salesman and hope they have the same taste that you do. If you want to experience new wines yourself, there is no better deal than wine tasting. Most wineries have a tasting room, but you are limited to tasting their wines. Wine tasting at a place like WineStyles in the DC area gives you the opportunity to taste new wines yourself, then buy the ones you really like. In fact, the Wines Wonderland team discovered Salva Tierra, a red at a recent tasting. This red is a blend of Syrah (57%), Petite Sirah (40%) and Zinfandel (3%) and is a wonderful full-bodied wine.

For your next wine tasting DC event swing by WineStyles. Who knows, you may meet one of the Wines Wonderland team there.

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