Wood Wall Mount Wine Racks That Compliment Your Modern Decor

Do you have a more modern décor? Does natural dark stained wood fit into that décor?  Then, these wood wall mount wine racks will work for you. These wall mount wine racks are also suitable for any décor where a rich wood look fits in. Here are a few decorating themes that coordinate with our favorite modern wine racks.

 Wall Mount Wine Racks   Our Favorite Modern Decor Wood Racks


KRUKS Wood Wine Bottle Holder Rack WALL MOUNT 6 bottle

Wall Mount Wine Racks   Our Favorite Modern Decor Wood RacksThis parallel bottle (bottles parallel to the wall) style rack fits into both more modern and more elegant decorating themes. The dark wood and simple design fits nicely into any modern or traditional décor. Well, maybe not so much Louis XIV or Andy Warhol, but it is really quite versatile. Again, for goodness sake, store the bottles with the labels facing outward. This rack holds 6 bottles. That makes it particularly good for holding bottles for those special or dinner parties. Plus, you can add additional racks for additional storage when you need it.

When it comes to wood wall mount wine racks, this is our “numero uno” choice. One of the folks in our wine tasting circle has two of these particular wall mount wine racks. She uses one for red wines and the other for white wines. It really adds a lot to her dining room which has a distinct Storehouse furniture look. This is another that looks better with bottles in it than with empty slots, so we highly recommend trips to your favorite wine shop to replenish bottles whenever necessary… but what can be more fun than a trip to the wine shop?




SEI Calabria Wall Mount Wine Rack

SEI Calibra wall mount wine rackThis perpendicular style rack has the elegant look of dark but, but with a very modern flair. It is a perpendicular style rack that holds 8 bottles.  We recommend this rack for people whose decorating tastes tend to focus on more modern themes like Scandinavian, Ikea or Storehouse. If you are looking among wood wall mount wine racks that adds a unique artistic addition to a room, this is the wine rack for you. It looks great, even when not filled with bottles, although we do suggest keeping an overall balance in the spacing of bottles… Feng Shui strikes again. You may also want to consider placing whites in the top half and reds in the lower half or vice versa. This wine rack holds 8 total bottles, and that makes it appropriate for anyone with a “small” wine hobby or for bringing out the bottles for special wine events. It doesn’t really work well to put more that one of these in a room, so if you like it, be sure the 8 bottle capacity meets your capacity for wine.